SIM Group will Showcases Sustainable Denim Fabrics at the 14th Bangladesh Denim Expo

The 14th edition of the Bangladesh Denim Expo is set to captivate denim enthusiasts and industry professionals alike as it kicks off at the International Convention Center in Bashundara, Dhaka. Among the prominent participants, SIM Group, one of Bangladesh’s largest denim fabric manufacturers, proudly announces its presence at the expo.

Recognized for its leadership position in the industry, SIM Group has garnered widespread acclaim for its high-quality denim fabrics and customer-oriented services. With a focus on innovation and differentiation, the company continuously strives to meet the specific needs of its clients while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

At the expo, SIM Group aims to showcase its dedication to sustainable practices and present itself as a committed supplier of eco-friendly products. The company has embraced new technologies and concepts to develop fabrics that support the circular economy, promoting environmental preservation, social responsibility, and economic growth.

Director of SIM Group, ASM Raisul Hasan Shoaib, highlights their focus on sustainability, stating, “Our main objective at the Denim Expo is to position SIM Group as a reliable source of sustainable products. We are actively developing fabrics using Texloop recycling yarn, Orbital Hybrid Yarn, recycled/regenerated and organic yarns with a process that emphasizes sustainability by minimizing water usage and energy consumption.”

SIM Group’s presentation will shed light on their extensive product range designed to support the environment, society, and the economy. The company’s commitment to quality management allows them to effectively navigate a competitive global market, adapt to changing consumer behavior and consumption patterns, and deliver products in a timely manner.

Additionally, SIM Group’s continuous efforts to diversify its product range align with market demand, fashion trends, and innovative materials. By prioritizing brand and market preferences, the company remains at the forefront of the denim industry.

The 14th Bangladesh Denim Expo provides an ideal platform for SIM Group to demonstrate its achievements in sustainable denim manufacturing, attract thousands of industry professionals, and further strengthen its position as a leading denim fabric manufacturer. With its focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, SIM Group continues to shape the future of the denim industry in Bangladesh and beyond.