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Stäubli to present at Dhaka Int’l Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition

A range of Stäubli products will be displayed at Dhaka Int’l Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition. Starting from 15- 18 February 2023 at International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka.

The textile industry of Bangladesh has entered a phase of modernization. Following the heavy impact of Covid, all sorts of activity have returned. The country is making advances and gaining a growing share of the worldwide textile production market. In 2022 the Bangladeshi and American associations signed a memo of understanding to work together to increase trade access for Bangladesh to the US market. Investments are being made in the country’s weaving mills to meet the changing requirements of purchasers in terms of quality, sustainability, and dependability.

Investments have also been made in plants for producing filament yarns from recycled plastic bottles. These filament yarns can be processed into fabrics in the second stage. Bangladeshi textile industries require efficient production equipment, especially for weaving. Market leader Stäubli offers a complete range of solutions for the textile industry, including frame and Jacquard weaving machinery and automated weaving preparation systems. Textile industrials are invited to visit the booth of its agent, Spintex Technology Ltd., at the forthcoming trade fair in Dhaka. Weaving mills that seek to capture benefits like time savings and increased overall efficiency will learn about the many Stäubli solutions for optimizing workflows and saving energy.

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SAFIR S32 automatic drawing-in machine

Automated weaving preparation boosts flexibility and productivity

With its renowned SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines – especially the SAFIR S40 and SAFIR S60 – Stäubli offers unique solutions for weavers seeking to improve their weaving preparation process and their production of denim, linen, and shirting fabrics. These machines support just-in-time processing and boost the production of premium-quality fabrics. They are highly flexible in use and can be easily adapted to future applications. All SAFIR models feature AWC technology, including optical double-end detection as a standard feature. Optional colour or S/Z-repeat sorting and management furthermore ensures perfectly prepared warps. The SAFIR S32 is dedicated to handling filament yarns. It offers the same features as the other machines in the series and processes plastic O-shape healds adapted to water-jet weaving machine installations.

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LX PRO Jacquard Machine

SX PRO and LX PRO Jacquard machines deliver energy savings

The newly launched Jacquard machines SX PRO (available in one format, up to 2,688 hooks) and LX PRO (available in three formats: 4,608 / 6,144 / 7,680 hooks) feature advanced NOEMI technology for hook selection, ensuring high-speed data transmission. This newly designed electronic architecture avoids reductions in weaving speed. It also ensures reliable hook selection, with the MX PRO module as the heart of the Jacquard machine. Adaptable to all types of machines, whether air jet, rapier, or water jet, the SX PRO and LX PRO Jacquard machines produce excellent results in the form of terry cloth, decorative materials, silk fabrics, or textiles for tapestries, apparel, or automobile upholstery. Used in combination with the MX PRO module and the TC8 PRO controller, these energy-efficient Jacquard machines set a new benchmark in terms of high performance.

Stäubli electronic rotary dobbies ensure the utmost operational efficiency

Stäubli’s broad product portfolio includes solutions for frame weaving with air-jet, water-jet, rapier, and projectile weaving machines. The S3061 model of the S3000/S3200 electronic rotary dobby series is especially suited to filament weavers. It features the famous Stäubli concept of selection of heald frames by locking for secure frame selection and continuous weaving. As the perfect complement, the maintenance-free de82 harness motion and quick-link systems for heald frames can be selected from Stäubli’s frame-weaving product range. This dobby and transmission duo forms a high-performance shedding system that adapts to the weaving parameters of the weaving machine and provides high operational efficiency.

Comprehensive support for customers even years after purchase

Stäubli is committed to helping customers realise the maximum benefits from their machinery for the long term. Stäubli’s official agent for all textile businesses in Bangladesh is Spintex Technology Ltd., established in 2005 and registered in Dhaka. Working hand-in-hand with Stäubli, Spintex offers mills local training, technical support, and spare parts even many years after the sale.

Stäubli team will be available on 15 – 18 Feb 2023 / Hall #7-281 at DTG 2023

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