TAD group, we are endeavoring to adapt to the market by shifting our buyers’ focus towards non-traditional products

TAD group is one of the prominent groups leading the Bangladesh RMG industry. They started their journey in 2005. From the beginning, they have been focusing on diversification. They always try to satisfy their customers with a one-stop service. TAD group started from sourcing and gradually moved to the production unit. To deliver products to their customer shortly, they came into freight forwarding and shipping lines.

Photo: Md. Ashikur Rahman (Tuhin), Managing Director, TAD Group

Md. Ashikur Rahman (Tuhin), is a Bangladeshi industrialist, the Founder and Managing Director of TAD Group. He is a Former Director of BGMEA. Recently team Textile Focus received quick feedback from him. In this conversation, Mr. Ashikur Rahman shared his opinion on the recent export crisis and the strategy of the TAD group. For our readers, the key discussions are pointed out below-

Dealing with the recent export crisis

As we have recently gotten back to normal from the pandemic situation and again encountered the Russia-Ukraine war, it’s very common that all these things have made an impact on our RMG business. However, the entrepreneurs of the Bangladesh RMG industry have always confronted various obstacles with bravery and continued to achieve success. Similarly, they are keeping pace with the present situation and gaining control of the market. During the post-Covid-19, the selling of garments increased, and that made the buyers optimistic about overbooking. Because of overbooking, the warehouses were occupied, and at that time buyers were postponing their orders to sell their stored products and gradually the selling and buying of garments reached a stable position. Since last winter, buyers have been placing garments as usual. Additionally, this year’s extended summer season led to excellent sales of summer goods. Therefore, we are hoping that order booking for next summer products will be profitable. 

The strategy of the TAD group

In the TAD group, we are endeavoring to adapt to the market by shifting our buyers’ focus towards non-traditional products. Recently, we have participated in various fairs and exhibitions to showcase our products and capture the attention of our buyers. Again, our research and development team has been diligently working and has produced numerous samples featuring different styles. We are presenting these samples to our buyers and letting them select. By doing this, we are giving them a message that they don’t need to invest in sample production and can manage their costs. Besides, as a group of industries, the buyers to whom we are selling garments also offer non-traditional items other than clothing such as jute products, toys, and even bicycles. By diversifying our product offerings in this way, we have covered our selling issues effectively. While everyone talks about the potential of the non-traditional market, in the TAD group we are actively working with non-traditional items.