Technologies to be showcased at Techtextil on May 2017!


techtextile-2017Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens showing the full range of potential uses of textile technologies. Under the motto ‘Connecting the Future’, international exhibitors will present their textile innovations to trade visitors, from 9 to 12 May, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. Techtextil is held in parallel with Texprocess the leading international trade fair for processing textile and flexible materials. World leading textile macheneries manufacturing companies will showcase their lastest innovation and technical develpments. Some of the latest developments to be exhibited are mentioned bellow-

BRÜCKNER new products, efficient machinery and intelligent solutions

brucknerTechnical textiles finished on BRÜCKNER machines stand for a sustainable improvement of the production and a particularly efficient use of the resources.

The German systems supplier and technology market leader BRÜCKNER shows a wide range of application examples for Technical Textiles which can be finished on the tailor-made and resource-saving BRÜCKNER machines. A great number of special machines for very specific purposes show the competence of the creative BRÜCKNER team.

Manifold product examples on the booth invite to discussions with the BRÜCKNER experts. Models of a SUPRA-FLOW BX double belt oven for nonwovens and of the innovative ETRO bow-shaped dryer which is particularly

suitable for the coating with PVC or adhesives show only two of the machines offered by BRÜCKNER for the finishing of nonwovens and foils.

In addition BRÜCKNER offers very different application systems for the coating of technical textiles and one of them is the ECO-COAT minimum application unit. In the Technology Center in Leonberg the customers can develop their own innovations on different machines.

Jakob Müller AG – systems and solutions for narrow fabrics

jakob-muller-agFounded in Switzerland in 1887, Jakob Müller AG is the world’s leading company with regard to technology for the manufacture of woven and knitted tapes and webbing, woven ropes, woven labels and technical textiles, printed narrow fabrics, dyeing, make-up and winding machinery. The Müller supply programme covers all the needs of the ribbons and narrow fabrics industry from individual yarn processing up to the finished, made-up product. Exhibits on the Jakob Müller AG stand at the Techtextil 2017 with the latest system solutions for narrow fabrics

NH2 53 2/130 S2 – electronically controlled, narrow fabric needle loom for light- to medium-weight, elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics with unlimited repeat lengths.

COMEZ ACOTRONIC 8B/600 – electronic crochet knitting machine using compound needles for ribbons, technical and medical articles.

UV60-W for the measuring and winding of belts, safety belts, narrow fabrics and tubular goods.

Allma TechnoCorder TC2 with even more flexibility

allmaAllma and Volkmann are the leaders in the world of twisting and cabling technology. Allma and Volkmann have been consistently setting milestones in the production of twisting and cabling machines for decades.Allma is delighted to welcome customers and inform them about the latest developments in twisting technology for industrial yarns. On the two-for-one twisting machine TechnoCorder TC2 for industrial yarns for example up to 9-ply yarn constructions can now be processed. The innovative FlexiPly device allows for the production of innovative hybrid yarns. As a leading company in twisting and cabling of industrial yarns and tire cord, Allma sets benchmarks in terms of flexibility, productivity and quality.

High-quality premium yarns with even more flexibility- The TechnoCorder TC2 is characterized in particular by its unique flexibility in production, material and yarn counts of industrial yarns. Self-sufficient spindle drives allow for such production flexibility that individual items can be processed on each separate spindle. With the innovative FlexiPly software you can economically produce the hybrid yarn constructions expected by the market on the TechnoCorder TC2.

Maximum productivity and top quality- The delivery speed of 400 m/min is world class in twisting industrial yarns. The Techno Corder TC2 guarantees excellent yarn quality and allows for twist packages with high density and perfect appearance thanks to the process monitoring, optimum yarn path geometry as well as gentle and low-tension thread guidance.

Redefined flexibility with SSM DURO


SSM will show their winding machine for technical yarns.The unique characteristics of tailor-made high performance yarns is helping such yarns to substitute other classical materials in large range of applications; thereby continually increasing the usage of technical textiles and consequently their consumption. Despite this overall positive scenario production lot sizes can vary greatly; from large ones for standard yarns to small ones for specialties, managing such variances poses a challenge for any producer. The SSM DURO-TW precision winder for all technical yarns up to 50’000 dtex offers a new level of flexibility and winding quality in one machine; thereby ensuring the fulfilment of all customer requirements.


The SSM DURO-TD assembly winder allows the plying of multiple ends/yarns. Optional intermingling guarantees loop-free twists as well as optimal unwinding during twisting. The ability to run closed precision winding enables higher package densities, thereby increasing the knot-free length.

With an excellent reputation for high quality textile machines and maintaining a worldwide service network, SSM is providing the maximum return on customer’s investments.

Stäubli- Innovative weaving technology for future applications

Stäubli has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-speed textile machinery since more than a century. Stäubli will showcase two machines that fit especially well in the production process of technical textiles and inform about . Furthermore a selection of technical fabrics including spacers and multilayers with variable thickness that have been produced in conjunction with Stäubli products such as TF weaving systems, dobbies, Jacquard machines, warp drawing-in, or tying equipment.

staubli-magma-t12-tyingMagma T12 warp tying machine- For technical yarn ties monofilaments, coarse multi-filaments, PP ribbons, bast fibres, coarse staple fibres, and many other fibre types. It has been developed for universal application ranging from coarse technical yarns to medium yarn-count range. Its rigid design includes an optical double-end detection system. MAGMA is demonstrated at the booth tying monofilament, diameter 0.40mm, density 7 threads/cm, 4 canister, 140 threads each.univa-00

UNIVAL 100-This single-end control Jacquard machine offers more benefits for sophisticated technical textiles such as automotive and aeronautic textiles, technical textiles in the sports, industrial, medical sectors, and new fabric constructions, even with glass fibre, carbon, and Kevlar.

Thies Textilmaschinen for various technical textile applications

thies-logoThies Textilmaschinen participates again in TECHTEXTIL 2017 in Frankfurt highlighting the latest trends and innovation.Special designed machines can be used for a wide variety of fibres, nonwovens, yarns and fabrics suitable for a multitude of technical textile applications.

iCone: The well-established iCone bleaches and dyes fibres, flakes, yarns, cables and belts. The unique technique enables dyeing in short liquor as well. Obtaining uniform dyeing and the required fastness is self-evident. Using special energy-efficient functions the iCone is able to dye in a more cost effective and eco-friendly way.

HT- Jigger: The HT-Jigger is used for dyeing fabrics, nonwovens or space fabrics. The HT-Jigger offers step less tension and speed control combined with an economical dye trough. It has been designed to offer uniform dyeing in very short liquor ratios.

iMaster H₂O: This machine concept is ideal for all fabric applications where water consumption is an important consideration, together with other possible energy savings including steam, electricity plus chemicals and dyestuffs. The iMaster H₂O dyeing machine is proving successful with several automotive fabric producers. The notable process times facilitate competitive high production capacities.

soft-TRD Slll: Designed for the universal dyeing of wovens, knits and nonwovens, this generation of soft-TRD machines sets new standards in the efficient use of materials and resources. The free material flow and low tension in the transport zone, guarantee optimum relaxation and uniform treatment of the entire fabric rope.