Textile Engineers Society Presents “Road to Champion 3.0 ” A Competition to Nurture the Next Generation of Corporate Leaders


“Road to Champion” The highly anticipated national online competition organized by “TEXTILE ENGINEERS SOCIETY” is set to return for its third season, promising participants an exhilarating journey towards excellence in their respective fields. This nationally recognized event, known for fostering talent and providing a platform for individuals to showcase their skills, is gearing up for its most competitive edition yet. The anticipation for ‘Road to Champion 3.0’ has reached new heights as the record-breaking participation of over 400 talented individuals from 20 esteemed universities and colleges. This surge in interest underscores the growing reputation of the competition as a premier platform for showcasing skills, fostering innovation, and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. In a commitment to acknowledge the dedication and talents of all participants, ‘Road to Champion 3.0’ proudly announces that each contestant will be awarded a certificate of participation. Additionally, the competition will elevate the recognition of finalists by presenting them with a host of prestigious awards, including prize money, crests, certificates, and acknowledgment from the esteemed judge panel.

Competition Flow: Unleashing Potential and Fostering Excellence

Round of Quiz: Engage in an intellectual showdown as participants seize the opportunity to showcase their team’s knowledge and tactical acumen across a spectrum of subjects. This segment is a testament to academic prowess, challenging teams to exhibit their expertise and strategic thinking in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Article Submission: The art of effective communication and expression as participants refine their writing skills through crafting compelling articles. It’s a platform where words become a powerful tool for conveying ideas and perspectives.

PPB (Pictures Perspective Battle): As the anticipation builds for the ‘Road to Champion 3.0,’ one segment promises to add an extra layer of excitement and creativity to the competition – the Pictures Perspective Battle (PPB). This unique and innovative challenge is set to captivate participants and spectators alike, offering a thrilling opportunity for contestants to showcase their artistic prowess and storytelling skills.

Crack the Case Challenge: Sail the intricate world of analytical thinking with the ‘Crack the Case Challenge.’ This segment is designed to sharpen particpants’ abilities to identify critical information and data relevant to the competitive world. By tackling real-world scenarios, participants develop the skills necessary for effective problem-solving and decision-making, crucial in today’s fast-paced and dynamic landscape.

As participants progress through these challenges, ‘Road to Champion 3.0′ becomes a transformative experience, providing a platform for holistic skill development and a journey towards excellence. Each segment is crafted to not only test participants’ abilities but also to equip them with valuable skills that extend beyond the competition, preparing them for success in their future endeavors

Empowering Tomorrow’s Champions: ‘Road to Champion 3.0’ Introduces Exclusive Training Sessions for Participants

In a groundbreaking move to elevate the participant experience, the organizers of ‘Road to Champion 3.0’ proudly announce the inclusion of exclusive training sessions. Committed to nurturing talent and providing a holistic platform for growth, these sessions are tailored to groom participants and equip them with valuable skills essential for success in the competitive world.

As ‘Road to Champion 3.0′ gears up for an exciting edition, it’s essential to recognize and extend gratitude to the dedicated mentors who play a pivotal role in shaping the participants’ journey. These unsung heroes, often working behind the scenes, contribute significantly to the success of our participants.

Abdul Hakim, Chief Marketing Officer(CMO) Hoorain Hi-Tech Fabrics Ltd. (Jamuna Group): Develop growth mindset to face the upcoming challenge of TEXTILE & RMG

Md. Sarwar Kamal, CSCMTM, Supply Chain Professional, Senior Manager-Distribution, GPH ispat Ltd under GPH Group: Logistics & Supply Chain Management for Operational Excellence.

Abdullah Al Mamun, Business Unit Manager, Marks & Spencer: LDC Graduation & way forward

Hrb Ranjan, Project Office Manager, IQAC, BUET, Founder & CEO, My Study Friends: Strategies for Effective Time Management

Md. Solaiman Ahmed Jeshan, Founder, Public Speaking Official, Founder, JeshanBD Learning & Consultancy: The Power of Public Speaking & The Magic of Public Speaking

Md. Ferdous Rahman, Certified Chain Professional, BIHRM, Dhaka, Bangladesh, PGDin Supply Chain Management, BIHRM, Dhaka, Bangladesh: Empowering new Generation Leadership for Industry Excellence

Khan Farhana, Founder, Farhanas’ Brainstation: LinkedIn Strategies for Professional Success

Expressing Deep Gratitude to Our Esteemed Sponsors for ‘Road to Champion 3.0’

As we stand on the threshold of ‘Road to Champion 3.0,’ The TEXTILE ENGINEERS SOCIETY take a moment to extend our heartfelt gratitude to their esteemed sponsors, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in making this competition a reality. Their commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence is a driving force behind the success of this event.

SSB Leather presents Road to Champion 3.0 powered by National Fashion & Metatex Fashion Ltd

Golden & Platinum Sponsors are AI Expert Career  & Johan Ocean 
 Lifestyle Partners: Shaver Shop Bangladesh, FOSHAk, Click to Buy.
 Learning Partners: Farhanas Brainstation, Public Speaking Official ( PSO), My Study Friend. Cuisine partner is Oishi’s Cake & Bake
Entrainment Partner Shinchan Arpita
The Magazine Partner is Textile Wave
Media partners are Textile Focus,  আমাদের মুক্তকণ্ঠ, দৈনিক নবযুগ,  Sangbadlive24.com.


Md Rifatur Rahman Miazee, Founder & CEO, Textile Engineers Society, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming season, ” Success is not a destination but a journey. Enjoy every step, learn from every experience. As you compete, remember that champions are not defined by their victories alone but by their ability to rise after each fall. Keep rising, keep shining on the ‘Road to Champion 3.0’ ”

Morshed Ali, COO, Textile Engineers Society, with great enthusiasm says, “One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t imagine how capable you are, the competition will only be yourself. All you have to do is set up your best effort, and you will discover your best self. You will sail where you want since you are the sailor to your goal. Warmest regards to everybody.”

The culmination of Excellence: ‘Road to Champion 3.0’ Reaches its Pinnacle

The enthusiasm, talent, and dedication showcased by our participants, sponsors, trainers, and mentors have surpassed the organizer’s expectations, making this competition a true celebration of excellence. The record-breaking participation from over 400 individuals representing 20 universities and colleges has not only elevated the competition’s status but has also created a dynamic and diverse community of budding talents. The TEXTILE ENGINEERS SOCIETY extends their deepest gratitude to sponsors for their unwavering support, trainers for their commitment to grooming the participants, and judges for their invaluable expertise in evaluating the remarkable performances. They anticipate the climax of the competition with excitement and curiosity. The certificates, prize money, crests, and recognitions are not just tokens of achievement; they represent the culmination of hard work, creativity, and resilience. Whether you’re a participant, sponsor, or supporter, we invite you to stay engaged as we navigate the thrilling final stages of ‘Road to Champion 3.0.’ The success stories, the innovative solutions, and the bonds forged during this competition will resonate beyond its conclusion, shaping the narrative of future editions.

Md. Nabil Hassan
Campus Team Member, TES