Textile machinery from Italy becoming reliable

italian-textile-machineryItaly has become a global leader in manufacturing of textile machinery. Creativity, sustainable technology, reliability and quality are the characteristics which have made Italy best in textile machinery. Exports amount for more than 86 per cent of total sales. And 30 per cent of Italy’s revenue from sale of textile machinery derives from the production of technical and innovative textiles. Demand for such products has consequently also driven up demand for ad hoc machinery specifically designed for this sector. The offering promoted by Italy’s textile machinery industry is thus expanding to new demands of customers operating in this specific sector.
In recent years, the technical and innovative textiles industry has seen a great deal of development in many markets, and especially in Europe. Italy is the world’s second largest producer of machinery for the textiles industry. In the production of machinery for tanning, and for the footwear and leather goods industry, Italy accounts for over 50 per cent of world production.