Total Testing Center: the power to manage quality and productivity throughout the mill

This year marks a new milestone for the fifth ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 exhibition when it opens with the largest show in the series since its inception. A total of 1,673 exhibitors from 28 countries and economies are showcasing a wide array of machinery and solutions to an expected visitorship of around 100,000 during the five-day exhibition. The combined exhibition grosses over 170,000 square meters of exhibition space – 12 per cent larger than the last edition. It is the biggest showing since the first edition. The exhibition held on 21-25 October 2016. Textile Focus Technical Team closely monitored the exhibition. Here we are presenting some latest new technology for the world renowned companies for our readers.

One system, covering all processes

A single quality management and control system capable of guiding mills towards these quality and productivity improvements might seem to spinners like an impossible dream. In fact, the ideal begins to become a reality, with the Total Testing Center, now available with the new USTER® TESTER 6. The keyword is ‘Total’ – with the integration of laboratory and in-production data across the entire mill. It is one solution, with the essential multi-process coverage that enables intelligent optimization of each department. From bale lay down to ring spinning and winding, information from each process stage is inter-linked to others, and to the whole.

Connectivity across processes

The Total Testing Center aims to bring together all the vital quality data from USTER® systems, with the advantages increasing for the spinning mill with each USTER® instrument connected to it. The following are some of the possibilities-

gggmkmklThe ring spinning process itself is the single most labor-intensive operation in the mill, so optimization here, for example, will bring significant benefits. The USTER® SENTINEL monitoring system will link into the Total Testing Center to provide analysis of the three-way relationship between raw material, ring spinning performance and quality data from yarn clearer at winding. Its results will facilitate improvements in several aspects of ring spinning performance, including productivity, and streamlining operative workloads for best use of labor etc.

The latest USTER® QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition yarn clearer not only provide a final-stage report on yarn quality by feeding data into the Total Testing Center, they also link with measurements from the USTER® TENSOJET strength tester for yarn performance prediction.

In the laboratory, the new USTER® TESTER 6 combines data gathered through the Total Testing Center to provide the prognosis guidance for fabric appearance and weaving performance and additionally predicting the level of pilling which can be expected. USTER® TESTER 6 also provides quality comparisons, matching yarn lots and end-uses to highlight any differences. Using USTER® STATISTICS figures, spinners can then check that their entire yarn production will achieve the required quality for each application.

By linking the USTER® AFIS fiber testing instrument to the Total Testing Center, spinners can optimize waste in spinning preparation. This system also helps to fine-tune production and pinpoint quality issues in other areas, such as correcting carding and comber settings.