U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Reveals Increased Participation and Advancements in Sustainability Metrics


The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol has marked a momentous achievement in its third Annual Report, revealing an extraordinary tripling of grower membership in just three years. The enrolled growers, now totaling 975, cultivate a sprawling 1.7 million acres, a staggering 23% of the entire U.S. cotton-growing expanse. This significant growth underscores the industry’s commitment to sustainability and adherence to the protocol’s rigorous standards.

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol has marked a momentous achievement

Unprecedented Growth and Representation

Launched in 2020, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol has witnessed an unprecedented surge in its enrolled grower numbers, now representing all 17 cotton-growing states. The staggering 975 growers enrolled signify a pivotal moment for the protocol, showcasing the widespread adoption and recognition of its sustainable practices across the nation.

Stellar Sustainability Metrics

The Annual Report highlights substantial advancements across all six sustainability metrics, showcasing the commitment of enrolled growers to environmental stewardship. Key improvements compared to the 2015 baseline figures include an impressive 79% reduction in soil loss, yields exceeding the national average by 12%, a remarkable 83% of growers reporting a positive soil carbon index, 14% improvement in water use efficiency, a 27% reduction in energy use, and a noteworthy 21% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

Regenerative Agriculture Leading the Way

In a move towards regenerative agriculture, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol incorporates Field to Market methodology in its Annual Report, emphasizing practices such as cover cropping, minimal or no-tillage methods, biodiversity promotion, rotational farming, precision agriculture techniques, and Integrated Pest Management. These initiatives showcase a holistic approach to sustainable farming practices, aligning with broader industry goals.

Enhanced Data Interpretation with Expanded Enrollments

The exponential growth in enrolled growers has resulted in an enlarged data set, enhancing the statistical significance of findings. This expanded diversity in farming practices, regions, and conditions allows for improved data interpretation and benchmarking. The report emphasizes a cautious approach, acknowledging potential anomalies in a single year’s data and advocating for aggregate reporting over a three-year period to mitigate their impact.

Forward Momentum in Pursuit of Excellence

Darren Abney, Executive Director of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, expressed enthusiasm about the results, emphasizing the continuous journey of improvement. He stated, “Today’s data demonstrates how Protocol growers continue to improve in their environmental performance, year on year. We do not have a final destination: our journey is one of continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence.”

This significant milestone for the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol signifies a collective commitment to sustainable practices within the cotton industry and sets a positive precedent for the future of agriculture in the United States.

Complete report details can be found online at TrustUSCotton.org.

Information from U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol