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US exports of fiber, textiles and apparel up 5.4%


us-fiber-yarn-fabricUS exports of fiber, textiles and apparel were up 5.4 per cent in 2018. Investment in fiber, yarn, fabric and other non-apparel textile product manufacturing was up 79 per cent compared to 2009, when industry production began a slow turnaround.
With its productivity, flexibility and innovation, the US textile industry has cemented its position in the global market. The United States is especially well-positioned globally in the fiber, yarn, fabric and non-apparel sewn products markets. It is the second largest individual country exporter of these products. Shipments to the countries of former North American Free Trade Agreement and the Central American Free Trade Agreement account for 47.5 per cent of textile supply chain exports. The US textile industry’s commitment to capital re-investment and a continued emphasis on quality and innovation makes it well-positioned to adapt to market changes and take advantage of opportunities as 2019 moves along. Employment in the textile and apparel supply chain rose in 2018 as compared to the prior year.