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We are confident that a high number of visitors from Bangladesh will be at ITMA 2023 as there will be a lot of innovative technologies

ITMA 2023 aims to transform the world of textiles to explore new ways of improving environmental protection within the industry by using the right technology. 

Photo: Ernesto Maurer, President, of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association

The Swiss Textile Machinery Association is the representative body for Switzerland’s producers of textile equipment, systems and services. Currently, 44 companies are affiliated, including manufacturers of machines and components, and service providers, for the textile industry. The companies offer solutions covering the entire textile value chain, from spinning to weaving, knitting, finishing, embroidery and quality control.

The association is a member of the European textile industry committee CEMATEX, which is the owner of ITMA, the largest international textile machinery exhibition in the world. The upcoming ITMA exhibition will be held from 8 June to 14 June 2023 in Milan, Italy. Recently Textile Focus conversation with  Ernesto Maurer, President, of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association who is also the President of CEMATEX, here is the below conversation-

Maurer is president of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association since 2015, serving during the same period as a member of the Cematex board of directors and its 1st vice president for the past four years.

Textile Focus: Could you plz share with us the recent scenario of the Textile Machinery Business? 

Ernesto Maurer: The major focus of Swiss Textile Machinery is concentrated on a currently very important issue, summarized under Transforming the World of Textiles. This theme can be split into four topics: 
automation and digital future, advanced materials, sustainability and circularity, and innovative technologies. All of them have a lot to do with survival, the survival of our planet, the survival of the textile industry and the survival of players in the entire value chain of textile manufacturing.

Textile Focus: What textile machinery buyers can expect from Swiss textile machinery manufacturers in ITMA? 

Ernesto Maurer: As the world is pivoting to digital and there are urgent demands for sustainable solutions, innovative textile technology that will help textile manufacturers transform digitally and automate processes will be on display. “Innovation is in our DNA“, hence you will find them across sectors, from spinning to knitting, weaving, finishing, garment making and more.

Textile Focus: What are the latest innovations coming on ITMA through Swiss technology? 

Ernesto Maurer: All of the Swiss exhibitors will exhibit machines that are featuring criteria from the above four topics. It makes me proud, that again as in previous ITMAs, Swiss machine manufacturers demonstrate their innovative capabilities in providing top-of-the-art machinery, that assists and supports the above-cited challenge for survival.

Textile Focus: How do you see the Bangladesh market and planning for ITMA? 

Ernesto Maurer: We are confident that a high number of visitors from Bangladesh will be at ITMA 2023 as there will be a lot of innovative technologies, especially in the areas of sustainability and modernisation, that can help manufacturers future-proof their business. 
Our outreach programme includes working with key industry organisations and inviting them to support our exhibition. We also have advertisements in the main textile publications, and leverage various marketing channels, both digital and offline, to reach out to textile and garment manufacturers in your country. 

Looking forward to seeing you and your compatriots in Milano in June 2023

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