I will try to do some significant developments for the textile sector – Engr. Mohammad Mozaffar Hossain -Member of Parliament People Republic of Bangladesh


02Engr. Mohammad Mozaffar Hossain MP newly elected Member of Parliament of general election in 2018 from Jamalpur-05. He was inspired in politics with the inspiration of Father of the nation Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman when he was student. He is a freedom fighter. He completed his Textile Engineering degree from Textile Engineering College, now Bangladesh University of Textiles. He is the founder of SIM Group. He has long business experience and started his own business in 1996 later on established woven fabrics weaving mill in 2001. During his successful career he implemented the following business enterprises: Authentic Color Limited, SIM Fabrics Limited, Mozaffar Hossain Spinning Mills Limited and SIM Apparels Limited. He has travelled UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, china, Korea, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia almost around the Globe. He is also engaged in various social activities like school, college, madrasa, and mosque. He is the Ex- President of The Institution of Textile Engineers & Technologists (ITET), Ex- Director of BTMA, President of Bangubandhu Textile Engineering Association, Vice President of Jamalpur Zilla Somity, Ex- Vice President of International Lion Club (Red Sun 315 B-3), Member of IEB, Baridhara Society, Greater Mymansingh Somity and Assistant Secretary of Bangladesh Awamileagqe. He is also CIP (Commercially Important Person). Textile Focus Editor M A Islam Riyadh along with Founder of Textile Museum Engr. Fazlul Karim Kamrul met Engr. Mohammad Mozaffar Hossain and discussed some important issue of textile industry and policy label issues of government. Key points of the discussion are mentioned bellow for our readers-

Textile Focus: You are the first textile engineer who elected Member of Parliament, what is your feelings?

Engr. Mozaffar MP: First of all I feel proud to be a textile engineer. I received cordial support, encouragement, active participation from textile community to be Member of Parliament. For this I will try best to do some significant development for the textile community as well as textile industry of Bangladesh. Already I have spoken about BCS Cadre at my first speech in the parliament. I have observed there are insufficient teacher in government textile colleges and also shortage of infrastructure and laboratory facilities. We need quality education for skilled textile professionals. I will gradually focus the areas which will add value to our textile community as well as textile industry.  

Textile Focus: You are a textile engineers and industrialist what is the inspiration to involve in national politics.

Engr. Mozaffar MP: I was inspired in politics with the inspiration of Father of the nation Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman when I was a student of class nine. In 1971 I actively participated in the liberation war. I had a desire to be involved in national politics from by student life. For this after completing my engineering degree I joined in the industry and started business in 2003. I tried to be financially solvent. I have been spending my own money for the welfare of my local election area Jamalpur-05. I have been donating so many schools, colleges, madrasahs, mosques, temples, poor and insufficient people. I am always connected with the people in all activities, crisis and happenings. For this I received huge affections, support and participation each and every people of my area. Considering all the things Our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave me the nomination for the election and I elected as Member of Parliament.

Textile Focus: You are involved in so many activities and now Member of Parliament, how do you manage your time?

Engr. Mozaffar MP: Now I gave priority to my policies activities and I want to do some significant developments as MP. I have two sons who are taking care of my business. I always connected with all activities of my business. I try to give feedback to them. I can work hard and even 16-18 hours. It’s not a matter, man can do a lot of activities if honestly try.

Photo: (from left) M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus; Engr. Fazlul Karim Kamrul, Founder, Textile Museum; Engr. Mohammad Mozaffar Hossain MP
Photo: (from left) M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus; Engr. Fazlul Karim Kamrul, Founder, Textile Museum; Engr. Mohammad Mozaffar Hossain MP

Textile Focus: Any observation from your for betterment of textile industry?

Engr. Mozaffar MP: Now Bangladesh textile industry is moving forward. We have significantly development in skill, technology and infrastructure. Now we have so many local experts. There are still so many foreign experts, but this ration will be gradually decrease by the skill development our textile professionals. I will try to implement BCS Care for textile engineers. This is issue is related to 03 ministry i.e textile ministry, education ministry and public service commission. We need to coordinate the ministries. My effort for BCS Cadre will be continued, hopefully we will be able to achieve that.

Now our students are getting quality education in Universities. Still there are some curriculum shortage in some private university. We will work of the course and curriculum issue with University Grand Commission (UGC) to ensure quality education in all level so that we can get quality textile engineers who will lead our textile industry.

Textile Focus: What will be your priority in next five years?

Engr. Mozaffar MP:  As you know the member of Standing Committee of The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock & The Ministry of Science and Technology. I will try to contribute on those areas. As textile engineer I will work on policy label activities to coordinate workers, officers, owner, and stakeholders for sustainable development. We have a lot of issue to highlight and work on i.e backward linkage, primary textiles. So many economic zones are in pipe line, once those stat working many people will be engaged. One economic zone in my local area is under development.