WUB Holds Farewell Program 2023 for Textile Engineering Students


World University of Bangladesh’s (WUB) Textile Engineering Department organized a summer Farewell Program 2023 for its graduating students at the WUB permanent campus auditorium in the capital city on 5th August. The event was chaired by Md. Mustafizur Rahman, the Head of the Department of Textile Engineering, and witnessed a large number of enthusiastic students from the department.

The program’s Chief Guest was the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury, who praised World University for its reputable status in Bangladesh. He congratulated the farewell students on their wise choice of pursuing Textile Engineering at WUB and disclosed plans for expanding the department’s facilities through industry collaborations, providing more opportunities for students.

Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury, Vice-Chancellor of WUB

Professor Dr. M Nurul Islam, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of WUB, acknowledged the significant role of the textile industry in Bangladesh, contributing approximately 82% of the foreign remittances. He commended the graduates for choosing this sector and advised them to focus on career opportunities.

Dr. Ruhul Amin Khan, a visiting scholar from the University of California, ISA, and the Advisor of TED-WUB and Director of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, emphasized the importance of higher education and government services. He expressed hope that WUB students would secure opportunities at top universities through scholarships.

Special Guest Mohammad Ashraful Islam, Editor and Publisher of Textile Focus and Denim Focus, highlighted the significance of the textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh. He pointed out that this sector plays a vital role in earning foreign currency, boosting production, and generating employment. Additionally, he encouraged students to develop their soft skills, as there is immense potential for career growth in the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector.

The event showcased the vision of the Textile Engineering Department, aiming to produce leaders in the textile and apparel sector who possess academic excellence, research acumen, and innovative ideas to contribute to the economic development of the country.

The Textile Engineering Department at WUB has a rich history of promoting extracurricular activities to foster students’ latent talents. The WUB Textile club, established in June 2010, has provided a platform for students to express their thoughts, leadership abilities, and concealed talents through various co-curricular and extracurricular events.

Textile Focus, a renowned media partner in the textile industry, covered the event, adding an extra layer of significance to the ceremony. Their presence not only brought recognition to the hard work of the students but also shed light on the excellence of the World University of Bangladesh’s Department of Textile Engineering.

The Farewell Program 2023 for Textile Engineering Students at WUB celebrated the achievements and potential of the graduating class, with speakers emphasizing the significance of the textile industry in Bangladesh and encouraging students to focus on career development and higher education opportunities. The event highlighted WUB’s commitment to nurturing future leaders who will contribute to the growth of the nation’s economy.