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Azerbaijan enjoyed production in the clothing industry up by 32 pct in Jan-Aug


azerbaijanOver the duration of January-August 2020, production in the garment industry in Azerbaijan grew by 32%. Development of AZN 314.6 million was during this time for the garment, apparel, leather and footwear industries. Thus clothing production increased by 32% in comparison with that in the same period in 2019 and the textile industry increased by 4,7%.

Meanwhile, leather and footwear production has declined by 6.3%. Moreover, Azerbaijan’s air conditions imports dropped by 30,6% and during the reporting period amounted to 123,700. The gross cost to the nation of imports of air conditioners was 29.5 million dollars. Similarly, nearly 361,700 units of servers, blocks and installations were imported into Azerbaijan during the reporting period, up by 22,8 percent compared to the same period in 2019. The projected cost is 71.5 million dollars.

Furthermore, in the period January to August 2020, the overall value of 91.234 washing machines was 17.3 million dollars. The decline amounts to 9%. In addition, the first eight months of 2020 shipped into the nation 132,300 tons of plastic and plastic goods worth $225,7 million.