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Pak, China companies agreed to cooperate with each other in the textile sector


cpec-china-pakistanPakistan and China, both as textile firms, work together to extend their business operations in the textile industry, said some traders with years of relationships with Pakistan. Pakistani-made rough yarn offers good value for money because its benefits of cotton fiber outweigh the deficiency at Chinese cotton factory production, says Ke Jiangwei, General Manager of Xiamen Naseem Trade Co., a company in Pakistan, which has long imported yarn from Pakistan.

Zheng Peipei, Haian Jinhong Chemical Fiber General Manager, says that Pakistani buyers buy primarily wool, nylon and polyester. High-count yarns are used in particular to make textiles and socks, fishing lines for the fishing net to Karachi; skeletons are tinted and turned into sewing thread before they are sold to the local factories for shoe, bags and case making. They are also exported to fishing network.