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Bangladesh RMG leaders plead for the removal of congestion surcharges in the seaport


portApparel manufacturers have called for the removal of emergency cost recovery surcharges (ECRS) levied on Bangladesh’s outbound and inbound shipments by feeder vessel operators. Feeder vessel operators to and from Chittagong and the Colombo, Singapore and Port Klang hubs have levied $75 for each container filled with goods and $37.50 for each empty container as ECRS entered into force on 15 November. In separate letters to the Chattogram Port Authority, Bangladesh Shipping Agents’ Association and Bangladesh Container Shipping Association on 19 November, the Bangladesh Textile Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) submitted a submission calling the charges’illogical ‘and’ unaccepted.’ In the letter, BGMEA First Vice President Mohammed Abdus Salam claimed that feeder vessel operators had levied a cost recovery charge due to congestion in the ports of Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia.