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BCI Launches New Cotton Sustainability Digital Series for 2021


lucy-shea-card-768x403A new Cotton Sustainability Digital Series for 2021, which will include an online conference on global cotton sustainability, has been unveiled by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Futerra Group CEO Lucy Shea will talk on the subject ‘ What will 2030 look like and how do we respond as brands, manufacturers, NGOs and citizens?’ ‘On 19th January 2021. The debate would discuss the developments in sustainability that are transforming the world around us and the apparel and garment industry. Participants should in particular look at how companies that implement sustainability have proved to be more resilient in 2020 and better build back, being the businesses that our future needs. The next ten years, fuelled by our rapidly evolving world and the changing preferences of customers, particularly Gen Z, will see the transformation of almost every industry. Supima cottons are funding the episode.

The month-long series will bring the whole cotton industry together to form a more prosperous cotton future. It will concentrate on business executives and practitioners and investigate the whole supply chain of cotton. According to the BCI, workshops will concentrate on issues like climate action, today’s creativity and social sustainability.