BGMEA Election: FORUM kicked off its election campaign at Ashulia


FORUM kicked off its election campaign on February 8, 2024, Thursday, at Ananta RK Meeting Spot in Ashulia. More than fifty factory owners from Ashulia were present in the kick-off luncheon meeting. Some of the candidates from Chattogram led by FORUM Vice President Mr. Salim Rahman was also present in the meeting.

Figure: FORUM Panel Members at the election campaign in Ashulia.

FORUM Panel Leader Mr. Faisal Samad elaborated the goals and targets of FORUM panel in the upcoming BGMEA election. Factory owners present expressed their solidarity with the FORUM Panel and committed to support the candidates. Among others, FORUM Senior Vice President Mr. Inamul Haq Khan (Bablu), FORUM Vice Presidents Mr. Mesbha Uddin Ali, Mr. Osama Taseer, Mr. Salim Rahman and and some other panel members spoke in the meeting. FORUM Secretary General Mr. Asif Ibrahim moderated the discussion.