Celebrity Denim

Israfil Alam Rana, Assistant Manager (R&D)

Sister Denim Composite Limited – Thermax Group

Denim is one thing that so many of us have in common in our wear collection. This achievement has so long history. It’s really nice to take a look back into history and see so many important people who we still remember today wearing the amazing blue fabric. It’s evolved so much as time goes on, so it’s nice to see it almost in its original form.

World leaders:

Leaders are always ready to lead us. Maximum we see them in formal look as we expect in media but when we see wearing a fashion which I always do then how do they look. Let’s seescreenshot-53


Denim always fit with music either in stage performance or daily life. Music lovers love denim or denim love music it’s not fact.screenshot-54

Super stars:

What today we see in denim fashion, it starts by media persons in denim look. They must love it to wear in front of camera that’s why toady denim is so popular. From 1950’s movie poster to present despicable me, denim craze still alive.screenshot-56


What you like to play? Boxing? Golf? Cricket? Athletics? Or football? Whatever you like denim will grab you.


Person who remembered always:


“That’s what I wear. I have enough to last for the rest of my life.” Steve Jobs’ died, he’s been remembered as many things – an insanely great capitalist, a total prick, and the man who reinvented the world. But among the many things that made Jobs remarkable, was his ability to wear the same outfit every single day with denim.