Cotton Brazil Paves the Way for Sustainable Growth and Global Market Expansion in Bangladesh

In view of many transformations in the production and consumption process, Cotton Brazil represents a new step for Brazilian cotton in the global market. After 20 years of constant innovation, research, and investments led by Abrapa (Brazilian Association of Cotton Growers), now with the support of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil), its members and partner, it is time to offer the textile universe a raw material that constantly seeks to evolve in quality and sustainability. Recently Marcelo Durate Monterio, Director – International Relations of Brazilian Cotton Growers Association visited Bangladesh with Brazil Business delegation . Team Textile Focus had a conversation with Cotton Brazil and Bangladesh market opportunities –

Brazil wants to increase the supply of cotton in the textile sector of Bangladesh by ensuring continuity and sustainability through strategic partnerships in Asia.

Bangladesh and Brazil have huge potential for bilateral trade in a number of sectors.

Bangladesh annually spends $3.5 to $4 billion on importing more than eight million bales of cotton

According to Cotton Brazil, they have supplied 166 thousand tons of cotton to Bangladesh as of April 2022.

Bangladesh is the second largest cotton importer and second largest RMG exporter. As a result, Brazil can be a good partner for the cotton exports to Bangladesh.

Our aims to further increase its market share in key countries like Bangladesh and also plans to increase production capacity to meet Asia’s growing market demands

We already knew that Bangladesh is the second-largest exporter of cotton in the world. It’s growing more and more. So, this is why we came here and visit to understand how the mills work here.

We have been able to see how dedicated and hardworking the people are here in this industry, and this impressed us very much. Currently, Brazil’s share in the Bangladesh market is only 13%, so we believe that it’s possible to increase the market share quite dramatically in Bangladesh. That is our overall aim to build a relationship in order to establish a better exchange of information and increase market share.

We have communicated with some buyers who are using Brazilian cotton. We got very positive feedback from them. Obviously, that makes us satisfied. But of course, there are a few things to improve in some specific areas. Getting back to Brazil we will together discuss the scenario we have witnessed and information we have gathered and stories we have heard here in Bangladesh.