Datatex and SETEX Join Forces with Elvaston Capital Management to establish a pioneering holding company

Global textile leaders Datatex and SETEX have forged a groundbreaking partnership with Elvaston Capital Management GmbH, a prominent international investor, to establish a pioneering holding company dedicated to providing cutting-edge IT solutions for the textile and apparel sector. The alliance aims to redefine industry standards by integrating digital solutions seamlessly across the entire manufacturing and business spectrum, from Fiber to Garment.

In a move that is poised to reshape the landscape of the textile industry, Datatex, the world’s foremost provider of ERP solutions tailored to the textile and apparel sector, has joined forces with SETEX, a leading automation solutions provider for textile manufacturers. Together with Elvaston Capital Management GmbH, a tech-focused investor renowned for supporting and accelerating the growth of technology companies and software firms, they are setting their sights on an ambitious goal: to become the undisputed global benchmark for digital solutions within the textile and apparel sector.

A Dynamic Trio for Innovation and Progress

Datatex, the brain behind the widely adopted NOW suite of solutions, holds its position as the global leader in ERP solutions designed specifically for the textile and apparel industry. Its NOW ERP solution is currently the best-selling ERP system for the textile industry worldwide, boasting a presence in 46 countries.

SETEX, on the other hand, is acclaimed for its Orga TEX production execution system and highly reliable human-machine interfaces, which have found their way into numerous textile manufacturing facilities. With a shared commitment to enhancing the integration of SETEX systems with Datatex’s offerings, this partnership promises to bring forth innovative solutions that redefine efficiency, quality, cost savings, data insights, sustainability, and competitiveness in the textile processing arena.

A Vision of Seamless Excellence

The leadership teams of both Datatex and SETEX are enthusiastic about the potential this partnership brings. Datatex shareholders Ronen Hagin, Vered Dotan, Maurizio Desio, and Luigi Torriani have expressed their firm belief in the collaboration with SETEX and Elvaston, foreseeing greater success on the horizon.

Elvaston Capital Management GmbH, with its focus on technology and software investments, is poised to provide the essential equity capital and support needed to expedite the growth of this dynamic trio. The owners and managers of Datatex and SETEX have solidified their commitment to the partnership, signing long-term contracts as managing directors and remaining deeply invested in the group’s success.

Pioneering a Sustainable Future

The vision of the newly formed alliance is clear—to deliver a seamless textile industry solution that promotes innovation, automation, and sustainability. Oliver Schermuly, CEO of SETEX, is enthusiastic about the journey ahead, stating, “SETEX is the catalyst for excellence in textile processing.”

Ronen Hagin, CEO of Datatex, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the group’s commitment to helping customers meet the demands of the new industrial era, which include sustainability, traceability, and Industry 4.0 requirements.

This monumental collaboration between Datatex, SETEX, and Elvaston Capital Management GmbH marks a significant step forward in the textile and apparel industry, promising groundbreaking solutions that will set new industry standards and reshape the future of textile manufacturing, from Fiber to Garment. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative partnership as it unfolds.