ECOALF presents its 100% Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei FW 2020 outfits

ecoRecently ECOALF, a brand which create sustainable clothing and accessories entirely from recycled materials, have launched new outfits in association with Bemberg™. Bemberg™, by Asahi Kasei, is a one-of-a-kind, matchless and original, new generation material made from the smart-tech transformation of cotton linter pre-consumer material, converted through a traceable and transparent closed loop process. Made in Japan, Bemberg™ also delivers on laboratory verified end of life options, and a finalized LCA study, signed by ICEA. Today an INNOVHUB report confirms that Bemberg™ filaments disintegrate at 100% and that Bemberg™’s very low concentration of hazardous substances complies with the limits specified by the UNI EN 13432. This important step builds and confirms a new quality profile that helps define Bemberg™’s more responsible position today, and to also measure the smart improvements for tomorrow. It is a unique and contemporary innovation designed for beautiful fashions every day. Bemberg™ is cool and sensual with a unique, supple drape. It is antistatic and breathable while its soft versatility makes it perfect for The Modern Wardrobe fashions, athleisure and everyday casual wear.

MURREN, the 100% made of Bemberg™ chemisier dress by ECOALF

bembergLong sleeves, straight-cut with a shirt neck, buttons on the front and adjustable waist, the Murren dress by ECOALF is made from 100% of Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei, made from the smart-tech transformation of pre-consumer material, cotton linter and in a closed loop system, converted through a traceable and transparent closed loop process and is also biodegradable.

The dress falls beautifully, thanks to the fabric it is made of. As well as being sustainable, its silky soft to the touch, one of the main exceptional characteristics of Bemberg™. This casual dress is a ready-to-wear solution for every occasion being a classical must have of the woman wardrobe. Its breathable performance enhances        and underlines Bemberg™ versatility of use.

The Zurs cargo pants

Relaxed fit and lazy mood for the Zurs cargo trousers, with pockets and elastic in the hem. Also this style is 100% Bemberg™ and it is another demonstration of this material capability of being perfect for every occasion, as for this sporty outfit.