Hoorain Hi-Tech Fabrics’ Color Studio: Shaping Global Fashion Trends and Sustainability Goals

Abdul Hakim, Chief Marketing Officer, Hoorain Hi-Tech Fabrics Ltd.

Abdul Hakim is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Hoorain Hi-Tech Fabrics Limited, a subsidiary of Jamuna Group. With a wealth of experience in marketing and a strong background in the textile industry, Abdul Hakim plays an important role in shaping the company’s marketing strategies and driving its growth. His expertise lies in creating innovative marketing campaigns, forging strategic partnerships, and ensuring that Hoorain Hi-Tech Fabrics Limited remains at the forefront of the textile industry.  Recently Textile Focus met him and have details of the conversation in regards to Hoorain Hi-Tech Fabric Week and global fashion trends.

Textile Focus: Why did you choose to call this place the “Colour Studio”?

Abdul Hakim: Life is a one-way journey, and we should live it vibrantly. This space showcases the fabrics that Hoorain manufactures, tailored to the seasons and global fashion trends for various segments such as ladies, girls, men, boys, kids, and NIT. We’ve organized a wide range of fabrics in one place to make it easy for customers to make their buying decisions. That’s why we named it Hoorain’s Colour Studio.

Textile Focus: What are your goals for this Fabric Week?

Abdul Hakim: During this Fabric Week, our goal is to send a message to fashion trendsetters worldwide that Bangladesh is capable of producing fabrics to their specifications. Hoorain has taken the initiative to promote Bangladesh through Fabric Week, and we firmly believe that this concept will attract fashion trendsetters to source their raw materials for their apparel needs from Bangladesh.

Hoorain Hi-Tech Fabric Week 2023

Textile Focus: Sustainability is a global focus. What message are you conveying with your AW24 collection?

Abdul Hakim: Indeed, sustainability is a top priority for fashion trendsetters. Fabric is a critical component of apparel, and Hoorain is dedicated to producing sustainable fabrics. Our AW24 fabric collection offers a wide range of sustainable products, incorporating sustainable materials and practices for apparel makers to choose from.

Textile Focus: What are your thoughts on this matter?

Abdul Hakim: In conclusion, I want to assure fashion trendsetters that they can rely on Hoorain to source the right fabric for their fashion items at competitive prices. We always believe in forming partnerships with our customers to grow together and set a benchmark for teamwork.