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Jeanologia offers Laundry 5.Zero


Jeanologia, based in Spain, is contributing to dehydrating and detoxifying the global textile industry with its technologies and turning the industry to digital. Jeanologia offers Laundry 5.Zero, at complete production center that includes all of Jeanologia’s technological and disruptive solutions. Laundry 5.Zero is the first garment finishing plant that achieves a saving of 85 per cent in water and guarantees zero discharge and zero pollution. From the fabric to the garment finishing, production is possible with zero pollution. Laundry 5.Zero efficiently combines Jeanologia’s laser technologies G2 ozone, eFlow, Smart Boxes with the first water recycle system H2Zero, thereby eliminating all harmful processes for workers and the environment. Finishing processes with Laundry 5.Zero are done with zero discharge, zero stone and zero manual scrapping.

The new production model from Jeanologia, delivers five key benefits for the textile industry. It is eco-efficient, economical, scalable, agile and digital, connecting design, production and consumption. It is rapidly expanding globally guaranteeing competitiveness through eco-efficiency. With these technologies it is also possible to do short and fast series, making it possible to produce what sells instead of selling what is produced.