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Israfil Alam Rana, Deputy Manager (R&D),

Chittagong Demin Mills Ltd.

Denim is a year-round wardrobe essential which is hardworking fabric and easiest to style the days of summer or winter. Those who spent the last decade being fed up of squeezing into skinny jeans – this style revolution is for you. The wide jeans is more flatting than you think.

Super-skinny jeans have been on their way out for a while and now that summer is here it’s time to retire them for good.

Designers on and off the runway have been inspired by the 1970s for several seasons and as such straight, relaxed and vintage-looking styles are dominating the high street. So why not let your skin breathe with a looser pair and balance your silhouette with a tucked-in top. image004

Unlike the rigid, curve-hugging versions, these aren’t meant to be worn skintight. Instead, they come tailored, lightweight and, believe it or not, are actually super comfortable to wear.

Of course, after an era of wearing skinny jeans, the idea of wearing a pair of wide-leg jeans can feel, well, odd. Especially for the vertically challenged among us. image008

The general rule is to play it safe by wearing something tight-fitting up top, but don’t be afraid to experiment with volume. An oversized jumper or longline T-shirt will instantly give off a truly modern look.

The great thing about wide-leg jeans is that they work with almost everything in your wardrobe and make for the ultimate backbone of many a stylish outfit.