New production model developed by Jeanologia


jenologiyaJeanologia has clients on five continents in 61 countries. Its technology is used on more than 35 per cent of the five billion pairs of jeans produced every year. Jeanologia has developed a new production model that integrates hardware and software to reduce time-to-market and put the emphasis back on the product being developed. The production model will focus on authentic results. It will digitize the garment finishing processes and allow designers to focus on the product itself as the production model helps to improve synchronization between development and production. The model’s purpose will be to simplify and standardize things like fabric selection and it can even measure the environmental impact of various finishes before a single stitch is made.

Four new capsules have been designed and produced with the new process, each featuring different finishes to demonstrate its adaptability to different styles. Each of the new capsules was made with Jeanologia’s 5.Zero techniques, which promise zero discharge, zero manual scrapping and grinding, zero PP spray, zero stone and zero bleach.

The digital model equips designers with tools that make it possible to design in a more intuitive, fast and dynamic way, optimizing the creative process through the use of technology.