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Officina39 at Kingpins Amsterdam with its technologies and collaborations to make denim easier

Not only EASYNDIGO technology – launched just last week, the Italian chemical company is presenting cutting-edge innovations and valuable partnerships to the denim arena.

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April 24, 2024 – Officina39, the Italian pioneer in sustainable chemical solutions for the textile industry, introduced EASYNDIGO at Kingpins Amsterdam. This latest innovation is reshaping the narrative of indigo with an advanced chemical package that simplifies dyeing raw garments in this iconic color. In a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, EASYNDIGO offers a two-phase approach based on the Pull&Push Mechanism:

1° step
The Pull mechanism works on raw garments to PULL indigo onto the fibers, using a special wetting and leveling agent called DETERWET EASYNDIGO, which acts as a solubilizer, ensures reproducibility and low-foaming, reducing dye migration during drying. It also involves the dispersing agent DISPERSOLO EASYNDIGO, effective for its diffusion-accelerating properties, which allows for a reduction in time and temperature of the dyeing process without compromising lightfastness.

2° step
The Push mechanism works on dye bath to PUSH the indigo into the fibers using an innovative compound named BASE EASYNDIGO and pre-reduced indigo DenimBlu30 by BluConnection. This method achieves a bright and deep indigo color, improves wash and rubbing fastness, enhances levelness, and is formaldehyde-free.

This innovative chemical package maximizes its effect in combination with Tonello’s DyeMate technology. The partnership between the two Italian companies encapsulates a shared passion for indigo, having combined their efforts to develop this innovative chemical and technological dyeing process.
“R&D is like a marathon”, states Andrea Venier – Managing Director Officina39, “We are proud to have reached this innovation in garment dyeing. In today’s so complex and challenging business environment, partnering for innovation is a strategic approach for Officina39. Therefore, we coupled our innovative EASYNDIGO chemical package with Dyemate technology by Tonello. Tonello is the global leader in garment machineries and technologies, with them we share values, principles, and efforts for a better fashion and denim industry. That’s why we joined efforts on this project. Together we unlocked the full potential of indigo garment dyeing”.

And Alice Tonello, Marketing and R&D Director at Tonello, shares and confirms this perspective: “Indigo dyeing isn’t just a process, it’s a journey of innovation, and at Tonello we’re proud to pioneer advancements that redefine the standards of garment dyeing. In this sense, collaborations are extremely important. That’s why we’ve joined forces with a partner like Officina39, whose EASYNDIGO chemical package perfectly complements our DyeMate technology. Together, we’re not only pushing boundaries but also opening up new possibilities and shaping the very essence of the industry”.

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