PM Sheikh Hasina urges US to give duty-free access to Bangladesh garment products

pm-nyIn recent visit to USA Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the US to give duty-free access to Bangladesh garment products. The Prime Minister was speaking at a luncheon meeting hosted by the Business Council of International Understanding (BCIU) in New York.  This would also be vital for the US in helping increase employment and promote empowerment of more women, she said. This would also help to establish a modern society in her country, she observed.

According to PM’s speech 52 other countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China, Japan, India and the European Union have provided Bangladesh with duty and quota-free access to their markets. Bangladesh used to enjoy duty-free access to the US market for around 5,000 items under the preferential trade scheme. But these trade benefits were revoked in mid-2013 after the Rana Plaza building collapse and Tazreen Fashions fire which left more than 1,200 people dead.

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