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Stäubli at ITM 2024- Redefining efficiency: with speed and quality processing

Stäubli is presenting an overview of its latest high-end technologies, machinery, and solutions that offer the textile industry more and greater benefits. Customers will discover a novelty dedicated to style changes in the weaving preparation department: SAFIR PRO S67, the new speed generation for the automatic drawing of coloured warps.

Quality and high-speed processing of warps in the weaving preparation

NEW SAFIR PRO S67 drawing in machine – speed and precision!

The renowned SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines make it possible to shorten workflows, resulting in cost savings and expanding the variety of application possibilities. Equipped with state-of the art Stäubli technology, the so-called Active Warp Control (AWC), the SAFIR drawing-in machines feature capabilities such as colour recognition or yarn repeat management. Even warps with multiple colours and without a 1:1 lease can be drawn in, with no error or loss of productivity. The final result is a perfectly drawn-in weaving harness ready for the downstream weaving process. Visitors to ITM 2024 can witness for themselves the impressive speed and efficiency of automatic drawing in with the SAFIR PRO S67 model, dedicated to the needs of cotton fabric mills whose main applications are colored warps for shirting or other.

Safir S67 automatic drawing in machine Staubli
SAFIR PRO S67 automatic drawing-in machine for high speed processing of quality warps

Stäubli is showing the speed live at the booth.

TIEPRO warp-tying machine – operator friendly and efficient

Another crucial process in many weaving mills is warp tying. Stäubli is presenting the TIEPRO warp tying machine together with TPF3B-10 warp tying frame. This machine offers unique features supporting easy start up and processing of the warp to be tied. New staff can easily learn how to run the machine as the screen guides the operator. A standalone advantage of the TIEPRO tying machine is that if a double end is detected, the machine with its exclusive auto-reverse function automatically reverses and redoes that yarn separation step. This process takes place before the yarn is cut. The machine does not require an oil bath and maintains high availability in the mill.

Being demonstrated at the booth.

Energy saving Jacquard weaving solutions

SX PRO Jacquard machine answers challenging market demands

The Stäubli SX PRO responds to market demands for higher power efficiency and lower energy consumption. It incorporates all of the proven Stäubli Jacquard technology as well as several innovations to reduce energy consumption: low-friction design of the MX PRO module, power supply fully integrated into the machine itself, and a new ventilation system with optimized temperature monitoring. Equipped with up to 2,688 hooks, the SX PRO
is perfectly adapted to the needs of the Turkish market, where terry cloth, apparel fabrics, tapestries, and upholstery fabrics are produced.

SX PRO Jacquard machin 2
SX PRO electronic Jacquard machine

Visitors to the Stäubli booth can observe the new SX PRO Jacquard machine in combination with a Stäubli harness at a demonstration stand.

Shed formation for high speed frame weaving The rotary dobby is a revolutionary machine invented by Stäubli many decades ago, and Stäubli has been continuously developing it further. The third generation of electronic rotary dobbies, the S3000 / S3200 electronic rotary dobby family, is an evolutionary design. It incorporates the unique Stäubli locking system, which provides enhanced security for the selection of the heald frames, allowing higher running speeds and superior reliability. This latest generation of electronic rotary dobbies offers astounding benefits to weavers.

Staubli 02
S3060 electronic rotary dobby

Last year weavers could discover the brand new S3280 electronic rotary dobby concept in Milan, now visitors to ITM can discover it in Istanbul. This dobby is designed for ultra-high-speed operation, a minimum of vibration, and extremely reliable performance. Coupled with the new e32/33 G transmission, the S3280 is a must-have solution for frame-weaving mills that demand the utmost in productivity. In addition, this dobby is representative for Stäubli’s commitment to sustainability, providing eco-friendlier solutions that make optimum use of natural resources. Stäubli rotary dobbies in the S3000/S3200 series are composed of more than 93% metal. The remaining 7% comprises electronic components, plastics, cables, etc. This means the recyclability of these machines ranges from at least 96% to over 99%, depending on the range family.

Stäubli unique low maintenance transmissions

The transmission is a vital link in the frame-weaving installation, handling a great many loads and forces. Stäubli offers the e32/33 for low-mounted and the de82/83 for top-mounted dobbies. With sealed and patterned bearings, these transmissions reduce the need for maintenance and enhance the performance of the overall installation. The recycling potential of the e3*F transmission is over 99%.

Carpet-weaving systems for a versatile carpet offer

On ITMA 2023 in Milan Stäubli launched the ALPHA 580 UNIVERSAL carpet weaving machine. Since, this weaving system has been integrated in several leading carpet factories where it provides increased productivity and flexibility for handling a wide range of carpet varieties. Equipped with the LX2494 Jacquard machine, featuring the NOEMI electronic architecture, it is a synonym of operational stability.

Latest carpet samples woven on the ALPHA 580 UNIVERSAL can be seen at the booth. 

Stäubli at partner boothsMore examples of Stäubli products, in applications with Jacquard machines, dobbies, and cam motions can be seen during ITM 2024 at various booths of Stäubli partners.

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