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Top 10 sustainable clothing brands to know



The fashion industry and other daily activities are actually capable of creating waste that is damaging our world. Fortunately, some brands are changing the way we see and clothing is made. There are plenty of ways to avoid further harm, from wearing second-hand clothes to selecting brands with fair and ethical standards in the industry to buying garments made from recycled materials. It’s now time, thanks to these sustainable clothing labels, to refresh your closet without the remorse.


In the goal of creating effortless silhouettes that last a lifetime and embracing the feminine body, Reformation places sustainability above anything else, reducing its footprints on water, waste and resources. Wherever possible, the company sources the fabric locally, and the clothes are made using TENCELTM Lyocell, REFIBRATM, Modal, and regenerated nylon 100 per cent. They are also mixed with organic and recycled cotton. Reformation puts away fast fashion and creates stylish clothes without harming the Earth.


Being one of the world’s most popular denim brands, Levi’s has definitely taken strides toward being more sustainable. Starting in 1960 with the first sewing factory and constantly trying to remain ahead of the curve and support others. This didn’t adjust when it opened in the nineteenth century. Today, this brand is partnering with local manufacturers, relying on Water Less technology to reduce single pair of jeans by 96 per cent water. Levi’s continues to produce exquisite products from the beginning to now, without costing the world.

download-13.Stella McCartney

No newcomer to sustainable style is this British powerhouse model. Stella McCartney’s products are leather and fur-free, and was one of the first innovative earth-friendly technology designers. Today, every clothing piece is made with cutting-edge creativity, locally-sourced fabrics and is comfortable without effort. The design house joined the Ethical Trading Initiative in 2011, making you feel better and look fantastic without the remorse!


Kitx blends elegant crafts with nature and invites wearers to enjoy the harmony. The company was created in 2015 by Kit Willow, who exhibits pieces expressing femininity and ethical practices. Clothing is built for high frequency wear and makes use of sustainable materials, so it doesn’t cost the Earth. The designs include flowing dresses, floral skirts and slinky jumpsuits, each with its own flair to make you stand out.


This company originated in Sweden and is using recycled pet bottles when producing every garment. The 100 per cent sustainable activities go along with this mark and donate to various causes five per cent of each purchase. They include programs to clean the ocean and other bodies. Also their distribution is green-they rely on environmentally sustainable services that offset their transport by oil.


Few brands can, and do so perfectly, what Zavi does. This brand continues to make waves in the fashion industry, using an eco-friendly edge and recycled material process. They produce each piece with organic cotton, which reduces water waste and do not rely on chemicals to dye their clothing. All products are sourced ethically, and the apparel is designed to suit everyone.


When your closet has critical essentials and basics, and you want your ethical footprint to be minimised,  look no further than Cuyana. These minimalist pieces are skillfully created using fabrics of quality which emulate the feminine silhouette. This designer’s aim is to create a tiny, practical wardrobe-one that looks stylish and special for ever. What else do you wish for?

08.Amour Vert

Amour Vert enjoys being green, with a commitment to a complete lifecycle of a garment. While being extremely trendy and on-trend with the latest trends, this company even takes care of the Earth itself. They’ll plant a tree in exchange for every T-shirt bought from the store. Every garment is made locally in LA and they use organic cotton and TENCEL Lyocell to craft every piece that saves water and the planet. You will feel good while looking great when you wear this brand.

0-19.People Tree

People Tree has been taking care of the ecosystem since its establishment in 1991. The brand is linked in every piece to Fair Trade and sources of organic cotton, so less H2O will be wasted for a brighter future. Their jeans cost 87.2 percent less water than the normal pair, and the dye they use is free of any contaminants and harmful chemicals. That means you’re helping close the gap in the fashion industry every time you wear these garments.


Pact makes it possible to change the world, one stitch at a time, to change the way people think about organic fashions. They also collaborated with Fair Trade to create beautiful designs using organic cotton and earth-conscious products that won’t damage the world. It is an excellent option for essential clothing, such as t-shirts, underwear and workout gear, and will help you understand the power of an expertly crafted garment.

There are also some other brands who practice sustainability in a global concept as well. They are Thought, Misha Nonoo, Baum Und Pferdgarten, Eileen Fisher, Outerknown, Athleta, Able, Tradlands, Mara Hoffman,Kotn,Sezane, Monsoon, Outdoor Voices, Girlfriend Collective, Gabriela Hearst, Boyish Jeans, Collusion, Patagonia, Salt Gypsy, Spell & the Gypsy, Edun, Rue Stiic, Browns Conscious Edit