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The US imports of home textiles grew 20.7% in the third quarter


importing-from-chinaThe US imports of home textiles grew 20.7% in the third quarter, and shipments connected to Welspun increased 361%, says Panjiva, S&P’s global market-intelligence supply chain analysis arm. Winter clothing imports in China declined by 21.1% over the year, including a decrease of 24.7% in the number of shipments related by Sumec Corp, a Chinese importer of bulk products, including garments and textiles.

Panjiva’s data reveals that in September 2020, overall US imports of clothes, footwear and textiles increased by 0.8% over year. Imports of garments and accessories declined respectively by 1.6% and 17.0% year-over-year, while imports of textiles rose by 18.9%. COVID-19 has prompted many consumers to invest instead of in fitting garments in sporting equipment. The increase in exports of sporting clothing can be confirmed by a decline of 17.6% in imports of suits and ties. Still investment on children’s clothes has slowed, as parents have been faced with concerns regarding the school year.