Video marketing, an innovative approach adopting by Brands for increasing sales


Between March and May, 2020 new data from Statista demonstrates a remarkable rise in the clothing and accessories retail sector in sales apparel and accessories. Select brands wisely capitalized on this shift in demand and created new marketing approaches that spoke to the increased interest in these categories.

A few companies have wisely embraced this increase in demand and have developed new approaches to marketing. The main features are the clothes and accessories brand Madewell, which has created a modern, curated space for homeworkers on the Website. This latest aspect of the Madewell e-commerce website was launched in April and is dedicated to the fun use of video chats. The brand also applies its approach to garments and furniture, curating objects that look polished, but also comfortable and simple to use.

China is the brands’ best hope to improve sales, as European and US economies are struggling. China’s luxury shoppers will make 50% of all global sales of luxury this year. According to Gartner, they would mainly shop at home. In the US, consumers normally stay away from public locations, and luxury retailers try to find out how customers who are not in their buildings can be bought.

Retailers can use video chat to allow sales partners to talk to customers for a long time. Jimmy Choo visits consumer homes in the Hamptons with unique freight forklift trunks. All of this reflects a transition from interaction with shoppers in stylish personal service to impersonal transactions that satisfy social distance needs while striving to maintain an aura of exclusivity.

Peter Nguyen, a New York based private personal stylist, says that the concept of curating items that are appropriate for Video Calls that Lele Sadoughi does – and enjoys – is still very much developed and improved by brands. By leveraging its vibrant range of hats, jewelry, and headbands, Sadoughi has created the possibility of transforming a look and framing the face immediately by combining its products.

Lele Sadoughi is one brand doing just that—and profiting from it. As of now, they’re projecting an overall increase of 100% in online sales by the end of the year based on current sales performance. Leveraging their colorful offerings of accessories, jewelry, and headbands, Sadoughi shared they’ve been marketing how pairing their products can instantly transform a look, frame the face, and make the wearer feel more dressed up and professional—even if it’s only on a video call. It seems to be working—and consumers are talking about it online.