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Viyellatex Group extends collaboration agreement with Huntsman for another three years


huntsman-viyella-texHuntsman continues to inject is leading edge innovation in Bangladesh to support textile industry with sustainable practicesIn a signing ceremony, Huntsman Textile Effects announced that it has extended the partnership and collaboration agreement with Viyellatex Group for another three years. The agreement will see the Viyellatex Group continuing to use Huntsman as its preferred and sole supplier for industry leading dyes, chemicals and dying auxiliaries.  This partnership, now in its 19th year reinforces the recognition of Huntsman as a trusted and preferred supplier for the Viyellatex Group. Under this agreement, Huntsman will support Viyellatex’s Group of mills to streamline operations and optimize processes, train technical staff, and make recommendations to help improve yield and productivity. This strategic cooperation will enable Viyellatex Group to continue to achieve operational excellence. Huntsman Textile Effects holds regular seminars and workshops and also collaborates with textile mills and apparel manufacturers to adopt new technologies and processes that conserve resources, reduce waste and improve productivity.