World Cup 2018- Jersey ranking

Sultana Rinky

The world is moving on the thrill of world cup football 2018. Brands are very excited to promote their brands in the Jersey which will be heighted during the heart beating 90 minutes match (excluding extra time on demand basis). This year’s World Cup isn’t just a battle for supremacy on the field. With money sloshing around the tournament in the form of sponsorships and brand endorsements, teams and manufacturers are out to sell as many shirts as possible. On that front, national pride and local consumers can only take you so far. We need that little extra pizzazz to make fans beyond our own borders sit up and take notice. Style is the great leveler. Adidas makes the jerseys for 12 of the 32 teams that qualified for the tournament. Nike follows with 10 teams, Puma makes the kits for four nations, while New Balance has two teams under contract. Errea, Hummel, Umbro and Uhlsport makes the kits for one team, respectively.


Popular online publication Highsnobiety filtered the jersey and they ranked the jersey best to worst at FIFA World Cup Football at Russia 2018.

 1. Nigeria

nigeriaThe basic design is inspired by different Super Eagles uniforms from past tournaments, with the patterns recalling the 1994 away jersey and the bright green reminiscent of 2002’s home effort. But Nike has taken those inspiration points, run with them, and created something very modern: lurid green with white chevrons on the body, white with black chevrons on the sleeves. The only downside will be seeing all manner of football hipsters wearing it all summer, but we can’t blame anyone for copping this beauty.

2. Germany:

germanyGermany’s 2018 World Cup adidas away kit is a modern interpretation of the famous green 1990 World Cup away jersey worn in the semi-final versus England. The graphic on the front takes inspiration from the pattern on the Germany home kit while a new collar execution with a two-fabric component construction incorporates the shirt’s graphic, along with the official “DIE MANNSCHAFT” wording on the back. The jagged pattern seen on the home kit is duplicated on the away jersey. Whereas it centers on the chest on the home shirt, the pattern is on the front, arms and collar of the away shirt.

3. Japan:

japanThe Japan 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia adidas away shirt takes inspiration from the nation’s streetwear scene and is the perfect transition from the stadium to the street for fans of the JFA. A modern interpretation of the 1991 home jersey, the kit features a bold shoulder graphic based on adidas’ three stripes and a sign-off on the collar which celebrates important moments of the nation’s soccer history via a series of symbols.

4. Peru:

peruThe Peru 2018 World Cup third kit uses the same Umbro silhouette as the team’s new home jersey. It uses Peru’s traditional alternated red as its main color with the white sash usually present on their away shirt replaced by one that is in a darker shade of red than the rest of the kit. A series of diamonds appear on the front via a tonal effect. A golden insert at the front of the neck and gold shoulder taping featuring the Umbro diamond add further detail to the jersey.

5. Spain:

spainThe Spain 2018 World Cup adidas away shirt features a new and unique color combination. The light blue kit includes subtle shades of blue in a graphic inspired by the pattern seen on adidas jerseys of the late 1980’s alongside, sleeve cuffs and three stripes in bright red. The kit features a two-colored crest to complete a fresh new color concept. White shorts and socks with red adidas branding and Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) symbols complete the former world and European champions new alternate uniform for the next year.

6. Russia:

russiaRussia’s 2018 World Cup away kit is a celebration of the country’s street soccer scene and is a combination of two key elements. The white jersey features a unique gray graphic depicting an abstract vision of Russian architecture and pays homage to the architectural landmarks and industrial cities of the country. The Russia 18/19 away kit uses a new crewneck design from adidas with dark blue detailing at its collar and sleeve cuffs. Dark blue adidas stripes are stitched onto the jersey’s shoulders.

7. France:

franceFrance has looked as good as anyone at recent tournaments and 2018 will be no exception. The classy home jersey is blue, of course, and features the national motto “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” embossed on the collar button, with tricolour detailing on the back of the collar. Printed on the inside, meanwhile, is “Nos Differences Nous Unissent” (our differences unite us), a reference to the diverse ethnic makeup of Les Bleus. The away jersey is even better, appearing plain white from a distance, but showing flecks of red and blue when up close.

8. Colombia:

colombiaIt includes bright orange accents in the form of the adidas’ three stripes on its shoulder, the adidas logo on the chest and trimming on the collar. A sign-off on the collar with the team’s slogan, “UnidosPorUnPais” – translating to “United as one Nation” – completes the jersey. Colombia 2018 World Cup away shirt is matched with orange shorts with blue detailing and socks in the same color scheme as the jersey.

9. Croatia

croatiaWithin the collection, the checks on the home and away kits are big and embody the intense pride that this still relatively young nation exudes. The checks are probably two or three times bigger than they have been in the past.

While the home kit retains its tradition of vibrant red, the new away kit delivers the check in black and midnight squares. It looks daring, confident and tough; characteristics that also describes the spirit of the team.

10. Argentina:

argentinaProvided by longtime Asociacióndel Fútbol Argentino (AFA) technical partner adidas, the Argentina 2018/19 alternate jersey will see the team take to the pitch in black for the first time in the AFA’s history.The jersey is a reinterpretation of previous adidas Argentina away jerseys (it is most reminiscent of the La Albiceleste’s 1993 secondary kit), brought up to date with the inclusion of a bold and progressive graphic inspired by the colors of the nation’s flag.

11. South Korea:

south-koreaThe most notable design element of the South Korea 2018 World Cup home kit is a simplified black and white crest designed to imbue a sharp, contemporary feel. It uses a new Nike template in the traditional red of the Korea Republic national soccer team.Inspired by the Korean flag, the 2018/19 South Korea away shirt is adorned with a custom Tae Geuk wave pattern that represents the global influence of Asian country. The new black crest, black numbers and black Swoosh complete the colors from the flag.

12. Uruguay:

uruguayThe Uruguay 2018 World Cup away kit uses a new all mainly white clean, stylish and distraction-free design from PUMA. It has a modern rounded color with the sky blue of the Uruguay flag at its front and back sections via ribbed inserts.

13. Brazil:

brazilBrasil has worn a yellow home shirt since 1954. But it hasn’t always been the same shade of yellow. This year, the squad will sport a more vibrant Samba Gold than they have in 20 years. To determine the exact shade of the Brazil 2018 World Cup home kit, designers took a color swatch book to the Football Museum in São Paulo and matched the yellow with the one used in Mexico in 1970, when games were first broadcast in color. The Brazil 2018 World Cup Nike away kit maintains the team’s tradition of donning blue alternate jerseys.

14. Egypt:

egyptAdidas has released the Egypt 2018 adidas home kit that The Pharaohs will wear during their return to the FIFA World Cup following a twenty eight year absence.The Egypt 2018 World Cup home jersey features the traditional primary red of the seven-time African champions. It uses a new crewneck adidas design with a ribbed black collar and matching sleeve cuffs. White adidas stripes run down the sides of the kit and match with the German’s brand logo on the right breast. The player numbers and names on the shirt are also white. A series of tonal checkers runs along the front of the kit.

15. Poland:

polandPoland is one of the darkest dark horses going into Russia 2018, and its uniform possesses an understated charm. Both the white home shirt and the red away jersey are split diagonally from left upper to right lower, directly through the Polish eagle badge. There isn’t anything particularly special aside from that, but there is enough to elevate the design from simplistic and dull to subtle and interesting.

16. Belgium:

belgiumThe 2018 World Cup Belgium away kit is a representation of the country’s flag colors. The bold yellow jersey features subtle horizontal lines alongside red and black accents seen on the collar and the adidas three stripes. In this way all of the Belgian national colors are included in the shirt.

17. Iceland:

icelandIceland makes its World Cup debut wearing Italian sportswear brand Erreà. The design, while basic plain royal blue on the body, has an interesting white-fading-into-red-and-blue effect along the shoulders and sleeves. The Icelanders will tell you that the fade represents the geysers of Iceland.

18. Panama:

panamaThe home kit is a traditional Pan Red, featuring a tonal Red Pepper chevron pattern to the front of the shirt, with Red Pepper to the shoulder and back of sleeve. A Pan Blue concealed fabric insert runs through the side of the shirt and shorts with a Pan Blue cuff horizontal band detailed on the ankle of the sock. The away design mirrors the home, presented in a bold White with contrasting subtle Pan Blue chevron to the front and full Pan Blue to the shoulder and sleeves.

19. Senegal:

senegalSenegal’s 2018/19 primary jersey is mainly white with the team’s primary green at its crewneck collar, sleeve cuffs and sleeve striping. A tonal print of a lion in traditional Senegalese artwork appear on the chest area. The PUMA Big Cat logo and the FédérationSénégalaise de Football crest are applied on the kit’s breasts.

20. Mexico:

mexicoThe away jersey that Mexico will wear at the 2018 FIFA World Cup is a simple and sleek design. The shirt is matched with dark red shorts and white socks detailed with adidas’ three stripes and the Federación Mexicana de FútbolAsociación (Mexican Football Association) crest and initials.

21. Portugal:

portugalThe Portugal 2018 World Cup home kit delivers a rich, classically Portuguese aesthetic topped off with celebratory splashes of gold that symbolize their landmark victory. The Portuguese 2018/19 away kit nods to this relentless hunt for fresh talent through symbols from their naval history.

22. Serbia:

serbiaThe Serbia 2018/19 home shirt uses a new kit design from PUMA that features a wide rounded collar. It is in the traditional primary red of Serbian’s national football teams with white details via its sleeve stripes, cuffs and neck areas. A Serbian is heatstamped on the outside, upper back. The Serbian 2018 World Cup PUMA home uniform is completed with red shorts and white socks.

23. Iran:

iranBased on the Tabela 18 template in white and red, the Iran 2018 World Cup jersey is white with a red v-collar, red sleeve cuffs and red Adidas stripes on the shoulders. The logo of the Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran is placed on the chest, while an ever so subtle pinstripe pattern is visible on the front.

24. Tunisia:

tunisiaThe Tunisia 2018/19 home and away kits use a bespoke design from uhlsport in the team’s traditional home white and away red. Contrasting details inlcude a rounded collar, ribbed sleeve cuffs and a stripe across the upper back. A series of small rectangles run along the flanks and fade out via a gradient effect toward the fronts of the jerseys.

25. Costa Rica:

costa-ricaThe New Balance jersey celebrates the 1990 Costa Rica World Cup squad by using a white and black colorway that is inspired by the alternate shirt worn by the nation’s first team to qualify for soccer’s world championship. The Costa Rica 2018 World Cup New Balance away jersey uses a classic football shirt crewneck look with striping on its sleeves. “COSTA RICA” is printed on its outside upper back while the years of the country’s World Cup appearances appear in gold on the inside neckline.

26. Denmark:

denmarkHummel and the Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) have launched the Demmark 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia home and away kits.  Both Denmark 2018 World Cup kits use a new v-neck design from hummel that includes blue trim on the collars are sleeve cuffs and tonal Danish crosses on their fronts and back.

27. Morocco:

moroccoIt uses adidas’ v-necked relatively simple Tabela 18 template from their 2018/19 teamwear catalog. The Morocco 2018 World Cup away shirt has a white base with blocks of red on its shoulders and chest. It is based on the adidasRegista 18 design used for several of the sportswear firm’s 18/19 club kits.

28. Sweden:

swedenThe Sweden 2018 World Cup adidas away kit is a progressive shirt oozing with style through the rich detailing within the fabric. The jersey features a graphic design with light and dark shades of navy blue, alongside yellow trimmings seen on the collar and adidas three stripes. The jersey is a fresh take on the famous blue shirts that the Swede’s have worn throughout their footballing history.  A”Sverige” graphic is displayed on the back and a woven badge on the chest. The kit is made with recycled polyester to save resources and decrease emissions.

29. England:

englandEngland hasn’t had decent uniform since the early ’90s and, despite just about every other nation going back to that time period for inspiration this year, Nike has instead opted to produce something that is the byword for generic. For a country that produces some of the world’s most enduring designers, the England uniform looks like it was designed by a committee with the express intent of offending nobody, with predictably tedious results.

30. Australia:

australiaGold from top to bottom, the Australian 2018 FIFA World CUp home kit is a significant change from the traditional combination of a gold shirt with green shorts, and a vibrant call to action for the national side’s new talent as it heads to Russia.

31. Saudi Arabia:

saudi-arabiaThe 2018 Saudi home kit pays homage to the federation’s 1994 team, which reached the final 16 in the United States. It features brilliant white jerseys, shorts and socks complete with green trimmings. Saudi Arabia’s 2018 World Cup away kit comes in the green of the country’s national flag. The look will be on proud display for the tournament’s kick-off.

32. Switzerland:

switzerlandThe Switzerland 2018 World Cup away shirt is a mainly white, relatively simple affair using a new rounded neck look from PUMA Football. The red of the Swiss national flag is used at the front and back of the neckline, for the PUMA Big Cat logo and the SFV crest on the kit’s breast, and for the signoff text “SUISSE”. The Switzerland 18/19 alternate jersey was worn with white shorts and socks during the match with Greece.