Former and Current Presidents of BGMEA Hold Crucial Meeting with Honourable Prime Minister


In a significant development today, at noon, the former and current presidents of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) engaged in a fruitful discussion with the Honourable Prime Minister. The meeting, attended by BGMEA’s Senior Vice-President and panel leader S. M. Mannan (Kochi), delved into crucial topics related to the garment industry.

During this session, S. M. Mannan (Kochi) brought attention to pertinent issues concerning incentives, NBR (National Board of Revenue), and customs. The Honourable Prime Minister attentively listened to his insights, expressing confidence in the swift resolution of challenges faced by the apparel industry.

Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina acknowledged the concerns raised by S. M. Mannan (Kochi) and reassured the participants, stating, “I hope that the owners of the garment industry will soon reap the benefits. I have listened to your words with keen interest, and I am optimistic that the garment sector will achieve success rapidly.”

This high-profile meeting underscores the collaborative efforts between the government and industry leaders to address key issues affecting the garment sector, a vital component of Bangladesh’s economy. As the discussion centered on incentives, taxation, and customs-related matters, both parties expressed a commitment to fostering a conducive environment for the growth of the apparel industry.

This development is anticipated to have a positive impact on the garment sector, with stakeholders optimistic about the government’s continued support and efforts to overcome challenges faced by the industry. The BGMEA delegation expressed gratitude for the Prime Minister’s time and attention, emphasizing their confidence in a prosperous future for the nation’s garment manufacturing and export sector.