Ghezzi returns to Filo with a “seasonless” collection and presents the new yarn VIS2LIFE

unnamedAlways one to anticipate trends, the Como-based company renowned for its know-how in the creation of innovative and responsible yarns meets the needs and desires of the market with an up to date offer.

Founded in 1949 in Lombardy, Ghezzi is a company that offers advanced twisting, spiraling and twist-texturizing processes for yarns and threads thanks to its precious corporate heritage and continuous investment in specialized personnel and innovative technologies.

On the strength of its new partnership with the international eco hub C.L.A.S.S., Ghezzi returns to Filo with a series of responsible innovations designed to create a positive impact for new consumers, the company’s business and the surrounding environment.

Among all of them, the first “Seasonless” collection, a proposal of references untied from the concepts of seasons and trends much loved by traditional fashion. For a style suited to the fluid rhythms of contemporaneity, the Como-based company, strengthened by an unparalleled wealth of experience, has focused on the processing of very twisted yarns, elasticized yarns in continuous filament fibers for fabrics with a “clean” surface and a fluid feel, but also continuous filament yarns mixed with short fiber yarns that are decidedly “clean” and of a fine count for fabrics with a fluid feel. The range of counts tends to be low, from dtex 44 to dtex 200, with a few tips on the thicker counts in viscose or nylon in order to obtain a marked fluidity and a sagging hand.

Among the fibers used for this avant-garde collection are traditional fibers such as Viscose and Acetate, Microtencel™ and Micromodal™ spiraled with noble fibers such as Bemberg™, silk or stretch, but above all responsible fibers such as bamboo, recycled polyester, Tencel™ Luxe and recycled polyamide. All the proposals will be available continuously and quickly for every need.

In fact, for a very long time Ghezzi has been implementing an offer strongly linked to sustainability, which translates into the processing of a wide range of items developed from recycled raw materials, organic fibers or derived from responsibly managed forests. Its commitment to a cleaner economy is evidenced by numerous certifications, such as GRS® (Global Recycle Standard), RCS® (Recycled Claim Standard), FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and OEKO-TEX® 100.Ghezzi’s dedication to quality, technologically-advanced effects and efforts towards environmental responsibility have also led to the creation of the brand new VIS2LIFE viscose yarn, composed of 5% RCS-certified post-consumer regenerated cellulose pulp obtained from regenerated clothing and 95% cellulose pulp obtained from FSC-certified forests.

Finally, as proof of its continuous investments in the field of responsible innovation, on February 1st and 2nd at the center of the Innovation Area of Milano Unica stood a seamless look with a practical and sporty look, made by the producer CIFRA with ingredients signed Ghezzi. Dressing the mannequin are two pieces made with warp knit seamless (WKS) technology: a military green shirt designed with functional body mapping, in 55% Tencel™ and 42% recycled nylon; plus a black stretch trouser in 55% Tencel™ 40% recycled nylon and 5% recycled elastane

Both products are extremely lightweight, manage moisture in a smart way and let the skin breathe easily. But what stands out the most is the transparency and synergy of the supply chain, thanks to the presence and commitment of companies that focus on respect for people and the environment without forgetting the values of design, innovation and performance.

Come and discover all the latest news and learn more about the history of this company directly with the Ghezzi team at stand A1.